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Professional Service To Our Owners 

Building your business has entailed hard work based on meeting the needs of others.   When selling your property our company appreciates your dedication, and it is our desire to provide you the optimum return for your efforts.  Let us be of service to you, our client.

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Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers is sensitive to a Seller’s need for confidentiality relative to staff, community and financial information.  Your initial phone consultation will be kept in complete confidence, and upon listing with Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers the use of signed Confidentiality Agreements will be required of all pre-qualified buyers.

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opinion of value

Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers extensive knowledge of the financial components of the lodging business will prove an asset in assessing and understanding your hospitality property and in obtaining an opinion of value:

Defining the Property:  Business vs. Lifestyle
Location - Site Inspection
Business evaluation based on the last 3-year’s performance

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company database

Our company offers a continually updated and vast database that includes future innkeepers, qualified buyers, those with whom we have done past business, and sellers interested in obtaining an additional or new lodging property.  Our database assists us in targeting your marketing audience.  The database serves a primary source for our direct mailing pieces, such as:  postcards, flyers, email blasts and CD’s of your property.

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Professional company website

Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers has chosen one of the top SEO companies to gain the greatest link optimization which provides our clients with the maximum exposure to our company and our client’s ads which appear on our web site.  We will provide our sellers periodic reports relative to the traffic specific to their listed property.


Offering Memorandum

A professionally bound Offering Memorandum will be compiled for your hospitality property.  This summary will be provided to qualified buyers as an introduction and overview of your property for sale.  These complete Memorandums are provided to qualified buyers who have indicated an interest in your property and have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

The Transaction

Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers cooperates with other brokers and agents to fulfill their commitment to increase the opportunity to bring your property to a successful close. Bed and Breakfast Inn Brokers also has years of experience working with real estate contracts, and stays involved throughout the negotiating, lending, and escrow process to ensure that the transaction moves along with ease.